Content: The Essence Of Marketing

Why has the word “Content” gained so much significance in the field of marketing? Is it because it’s easy to create? Is it because it is hard to find the right talent who can develop it?

I know for a fact that Content is created with a purpose. For most companies, the main focus would be to get maximum shares and likes. But there are certain companies out there whose main focus lies not in what has been mentioned above but in knowing that their audience is educated well enough about their offering. This would directly lead to quality leads and conversions.

Now the main purpose of content is to educate and engage. It all depends on how well you package that message and is delivered to the right audience.

Take my situation. I am ready to read anything as long as it engages me for the right amount of time. If the content is lengthy but excellent, I would probably save it for a later read but I never find the time to get to it. If it is short and engaging, it makes me feel refreshed. When you come by some of the most popular content out there, you’d be hooked and would not worry about the time it takes for you to consume it.

Let’s say a while ago (10 years back) nobody knew what generating good content meant. Companies hardly invested in content creation. The concept of maintaining blogs and letting users drive the conversation was new. Why has content gained so much importance over the years?

Let me explain that with three key elements: Earned, Paid and Owned media.

Earned media:  Content is generated by potential and existing users. Who are these users? They are the ones who have used your product or service or have heard about your brand from a source. They do it because they like you for what you represent and want to be supportive of that.

Paid media: The brand pays a certain amount for content distribution via media outlets, niche bloggers and advertising space on relevant websites. They could outsource it via third parties or use influencers to create content.

Owned media: a Sole property of the brand. They create it and they own it. Includes websites, blogs, magazines, etc.

Marketing: Making users aware that you exist and are here to fulfill some need of theirs. We have so many forms of marketing. I am not going to list them but you get the idea. Every form of marketing involves generating content which falls under the above-mentioned classification.

This video is one of my personal favorites. Shows why content is the essence of marketing.


This is why content creators are the backbone of the industry and why content is the essence of marketing.