How Brands Engage With Customers

Why has it become so important for brands to engage their audience? Is there a need for brands to do that and if there is, how can brands invest in creating those experiences.

The key lies in the core values which make up the brand name. If the brand is created with the sole purpose, i.e., for its customers, you would be able to see the amount of effort these brands put in to engage with them. One of my favorite examples is Nestle. A while ago, Nestle created a new way of engaging with its customers via one of its chocolate brands KitKat. Now everyone knows the value proposition of KitKat: ‘Have a break, have a Kit-Kat‘ . This video that I have shared below lets you know how they did it.

The World’s First Massage Billboard from KitKat. In few locations across Columbia, anyone tweeting about being stressed, tired or just needing a break, was replied to with a message from KitKat with the location details of where to find one of their special Massage Billboards.

This was indeed a very well designed campaign and one of the best examples out there when it comes to customer engagement.

Why are brands investing so much in trying to engage their audience? One of the main reason I believe is to ensure consumers are able to recall the brand when shopping for products or services. In the above campaign, every person who has watched the video or played a part in the campaign will never forget KitKat.


Here’s another example.

We see a lot of ads by companies that provide travel services. How many of them have given people the experience of travel before they even availed their services? It is tough to experience services without actually consuming them. What did this travel provider do to engage their customers without making them use their service?

To promote its travel service, railway company SNCF teamed up with ad agency TBWA Paris. They created a very unique travel experience.

Wouldn’t you want to travel by SNCF?. Even though I didn’t get to experience what traveling with SCNF would feel like, I would love to try it out if I ever go to Paris.