Gamification: Why It Should Be A Part Of Your Long-Term Strategy

I love playing games. I sit in the corner of my room, fire up my PC and start playing. Most hours of the day we spend online. As a brand how do you ensure when a potential customer visits your page online they are engaged enough to not leave?. It would be a useful strategy to have in the pipeline for the future.

What is Gamification?

Gamification: In simple words, is a way of engaging you by using gaming elements such as points, leadership boards, making you perform an activity that you wouldn’t regularly do.

Why do some brands feel the need to have a very engaged audience? One of my favorite examples is Nike. I believe that they “ROCK” when it comes to Social engagement. Most of their campaigns are available on YouTube and are motivational in nature. Check out this campaign called “This is NikeFuel.”.

Nike+ Presents: L.A. Live

Look at the amount of interest generated and how it engaged the audience.

Now, most people would say This is a company that makes sporting goods. Why wouldn’t they do that? How many brands you know did all of this with such a simple concept. They also did let you try out their bands for free.

Let us look at another company’s product launch which successfully engaged random people to focus their attention on an activity for 60 minutes.

The campaign was called ” All eyes on the S4” by Samsung. What it asked of you was the longer your focus was on the screen, the greater the discount on the S4 . If you survived for 60 minutes without being distracted, you would get one for free. Why wouldn’t you want to participate? What I like about this campaign was that they sold the idea and not the phone.

All eyes on the S4

This was engaging wasn’t it?

Now NikeFuel has their website/community for people using the band in which they have leadership boards where you can compare the amount of fuel burnt by you and your friends.

One more example is the Online food delivery Zomato . You get points for reviews.

A certain number of points gives you a certain level. The higher your level, people see that you are a trusted source, and you do get benefits and offers based on your level.

Quick Takeaways

  1. Not every Brand has the resources necessary to build engagement at this level, but that’s okay, start small.
  2. The three examples that I had mentioned above should tell you there are unlimited ways to engage your audience. Find the one that fits your value proposition.
  3. Have engagement as one of your key metrics.
  4. It’s always about educating the audience and what outcome they derive out of it. Anything other than that is a waste of time and money.
  5. If you successfully implement it as a part of your long-term strategy, you shouldn’t be worried about losing your audience in the long run to a competitor.