How To Create A Blog That Your Audience Will Love

No two life experiences are the same. This is the case with blogs and bloggers. Everybody writes, whether they write because it’s part of their job or because they want to share their experiences & thoughts with the rest of the world.

Now here’s the real question: Did you build your blog from scratch keeping in mind the audience you wanted or did you just do it and then realize, what do I do with my audience?. 

This article will address both the topics.

Path 1: Building a platform with an audience in mind.

Path 2: How to make it a platform after you realized that you have an audience.

People on path 1, here’s how you go about it:

  1. Stop thinking about building an audience. You have a long way to go.
  2. First, build your profile on three platforms (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn). I believe these to be the major ones.We can move on to other platforms later.
  3. Tailor your profile in such a way and show interest in topics that you might want your blog to be about and make those connections.


  1.  Follow pages that might peak your interest and your audience’s interest.
  2. Comment on them and share.
  3. Join discussions.


  1. You have great groups here and they are very specific.
  2. Join them and participate in discussions.
  3. Build your network slowly and carefully.
  4. Remember this is a professional network.


  1. Follow your persons of interest and tweet, retweet, like & share. They will automatically start following you.
  2. Find articles that would be appealing to them, tag them and post it.
  3. Use platforms like Klout to find influencers and good content.
  4. Add them to your network and talk about common topics of interest.

Continue to do this for at least 3-4 months and you would see a solid increase in the quality and quantity of your network.

All of the above-mentioned steps would be a foundation for your platform. Now you have an audience. This is the right time to start working on your blog and remember to have at least 7-8 articles ready before you post them on your blog. This would let the visitors to your website know that they have something to look at other than just the one article.

Once you have all of the above things lined up, post the link to your blog on all your platforms. People will start paying attention. Initially, you will get an erratic no of visitors for the first couple of months. As you keep generating good content you will draw more visitors and search engines will work in your favor. This has worked very well for me and I would suggest you give it a try.

People on path 2, here’s how you go about it:

  1. See which posts have the maximum number of shares, likes & comments. Find a pattern.
  2. Use those insights to generate content in similar areas which in turn would spark a conversation.
  3. Post your content on LinkedIn. You will attract a different audience here.
  4. Think about reaching a wider audience either by expanding your niche or by guest blogging.
  5. Create a content schedule and make sure you stick to it. Timely updating of your blog will keep your audience engaged.

There are many ways to grow your audience. The ones I have suggested give you an introduction to kick things off.

The key takeaway here is creating a blog is for your Audience. Nothing else matters. If you are not there for them then don’t bother.