9 Habits Every Content Marketer Needs To Embrace

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that when you come across good content it feels refreshing. Every content marketer out there has a way of doing things.

That could mean many things like driving traffic to the website, creating a buzz, making money but the most important question to ask oneself is have I solved or at least addressed the issues that my potential customer is facing?

Content marketing has come a long way, and people who have updated themselves on this topic know that it is something totally different today, than what it was 10 years ago. Before it was all about products and services on their blogs, company websites and how to get more people to know what they are selling. Well, this isn’t the case anymore.

  1. Generate content to address an issue or a need: I believe this should be your sole driver for creating content. Everything will come later. If it is a blog, then you have an audience. They are there because they find some meaning in your content.
  2. It’s not about you: Please keep this in mind. If you truly want to be a content marketer it is never about what you think the audience wants. It is up to you to figure out what they need and give them that so they keep coming back for more.
  3. Don’t worry about the numbers: Every content marketer out there is forced to explain his work through numbers. Sadly this how most companies do things. They feel that unless you can’t give them a good number of followers or views you aren’t generating good content. Workaround for this is testimonials. Generate good content and that means incorporate insights 1 & 2 and you will get yours without even asking for it.
  4. Infographics: Trust me on this, it works like a charm. Some topics that I am not interested in, I would have surely read them if they had a diagrammatic explanation in them. Please do not assume that every individual in your audience understands your jargon. As the famous saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”.
  5. Relevancy: When I talk about relevancy it means all the places where your content is listed as a referral source. Please put in a lot of effort at the beginning itself. When people reading other content similar to yours find you by getting redirected to your page they shouldn’t get disappointed.
  6. Videos: Bloggers who blog about complex topics need to use videos to engage their audience. This would certainly create an impact.
  7. Links: Always remember to include links that redirect back to your blog. Now when posting on your own blog, ensure that you have only 3-4 social media links. They should be the ones that you are most active on. Too many social links make your website look cluttered.
  8. Tracking: Always keep track of trends on your blog and use tools like Google trends to analyze topics for that season.The reason for this is if you know what topics that you blog about is trending then you would be able to capitalize on it.
  9. Schedule: Your statistics should drive your schedule not the other way around. The reason I say this is because this would decrease the amount of load on you. As statistics will tell you on which particular day you get a huge number of views. It will make things so easy. You can use Hootsuite and various other platforms to schedule your content.

Try to incorporate these things and you won’t be disappointed. Go at it in a stepwise manner. Don’t hurry and get it right the first time around.