Content Strategy

There are a million blogs out there. How do you ensure that your blog stands out from the rest? How is yours unique?

When I say “Content Strategy”, I am referring to planning, developing and managing content. Here are a few things that you can do to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Purpose: Find a purpose for writing content. Don’t start a blog just for the sake of it. If you do, then you will have to put in a lot of effort every time you need to write an article. One of my friends has a travel blog. She only posts about the places that she has visited by actually uploading photos she has shot from her visits. Her purpose is to show people how beautiful these places are and why you should visit them.
  2. Educate: It has to be informative. Every blog is informative in its own way. So how do you differentiate? You do this by writing in the simplest manner possible. Anybody who visits your blog should understand what it’s about in a single glance. I’ve seen many blogs that are very informative but also highly technical in nature. A couple of days back I was looking for articles on SEO and its implications. I had to skip 4-5 blogs till I found one that explained it in simple terms.
  3. Outcome: The basic thing that people look for after reading your blog is if it was useful for them. This is what I call outcome. So get your friends, co-workers etc to read your blog and ask them for suggestions as to what questions popped up in their head. This will let you form a consensus on what people expect once they have finished reading it.
  4. Schedule: Now you might be wondering as to what this has to do with the topic. If you maintain a schedule like one post a week or two, then people will expect that from you. The reason they expect is that you are consistent and know that you have something new to say every week.
  5. Discussions: Start a discussion and this will give you all kinds of insights into what your readers like, don’t like, their interests and what they expect. This will help you in creating content that they like and will automatically translate into “Content that moves people”
  6. Experiences: Always incorporate personal experiences. It lets your readers know that you have been there and this is why you have something to say about it. It gives a personalized touch to your blog. Lets you connect with your readers at a different level.
  7. Short Stories: 80% of articles should be a short story, say about 500-1000 words. This would not scare your readers. Leave the remaining 20% for the ones that you have a lot to write about. If you maintain this ratio, it will be easy for you to generate content based on your schedule. I know this because it is very hard to write good content which contains up to 4000 words every week. So split it like if you plan on writing 6-8 articles a month then 5-6 have to be short. This way you will have ample amount of time to write the big ones.
  8. Infographics & Videos: They are most crucial to your articles. No one likes to just see words. If you are trying to explain something, try it with pictures and videos instead of just words. There are free tools out there to help you create infographics with ease.
  9. Set Expectations: Keep your readers apprised of all your upcoming articles with specific dates. One of the best ways to do this is with the help of social media. Keep sending regular updates and keep engaging your followers. This will tell them that you care about them.

In one of my recent articles titled 9 Habits Every Content Marketer Should Embrace, I specifically talk about what you can do to ensure that you deliver high-quality content. Use this article as a foundation for that and you are good to go.