Content Strategy Part 1: Figuring Things Out

When we talk about an audience it is important to know whether it is for your brand, blog, product or service. Why do you want to target them? What problems are you going to solve of theirs?

It is very important to figure out who your target audience is going to be. If this is figured out at the beginning itself, you wouldn’t face any issues with respect to your content strategy in the future.

How do you figure out who your target audience is going to be?. For this, you have to find out at what point in a customer’s daily routine are they going to face an issue and how are you going to solve that issue. Once you figure this out, creating a content strategy around this would be easy.

Take the case of American Express and their open forum concept. American Express OPEN Forum, a small business community platform, is one of the most successful content marketing efforts on the Web.

It was designed around a problem. Their mission was to help business owners recovering from the financial crisis of 2008. They have a lot of contributors including business owners, journalists, and industry experts. So all the information that you would find there would be of some use to you because it would be related to real life experiences of those people.

Here is how they did it.

As you can see how this company tailored their content to help people with similar interests to solve their problems. It doesn’t get any better than this when it comes to executing a content strategy as they figured out their audience.

Let us look at another brand that uses content marketing to educate its audience.

This company is called Callaway Golf. They have been successful with their content marketing efforts, simply because they focus more on engagement and educating their fans rather than selling their products.

Here is how they do it. Callaway staffer Stuart Appleby tells you how to hit a low bump and run. Keep your feet close together with a balanced stance and use your shoulders to make a small, back and through swing

They are educating their audience with the help of influencers. Every person interested in learning golf should watch it as they offer free tips.

Xerox is another example of a brand with a good content strategy. One of the biggest components of Xerox’s content marketing strategy is its digital magazine called Real Business.

They partnered up with Y&R New York and Tronic Studio New York to work on a campaign. This shows how Xerox is using digital interactive displays at select airports helping clients such as Marriott International and Target.

The key takeaways are

  1. Figure out whom you want as your audience.
  2. What do you want to convey to them?
  3. Is the purpose to educate your audience?
  4. Is it to solve their problems?
  5. Is it to build brand awareness and if yes then what kind of awareness?

Once you figure these things out, you would have a clearer picture as to what your content strategy needs to be.