Digital Marketing Part 3 : How To Create That Special Bond

In the beginning, when internet adoption was minimal, the ways by which brands could show customers that they care was limited. In the Digital age, the number of ways just keep growing and brands keep finding new ways to engage and connect with the audience.

So one of the most important factors in creating a digital marketing strategy would be to understand the pain point of your customers. When I say pain point this is what I mean.

  1. What issues a customer faces during his everyday life?
  2. How can your brand relate to it?
  3. How can you as a brand make their life better?
  4. How do you identify with them and help them?
  5. How do you build up a connection to show them that you care?

These things are of utmost importance when it comes to creating that special bond that most brands can only dream of. In this article, I will highlight two examples of how these brands identified with pain points of the customers. Both these situations are different but they were necessary and  these brands showed their customers that they care.

The first campaign is by Hyundai and it had a message like this “if you lose your job in the next year, you can return the car“. This was during the time when America was going through a bad recession.

Below are two videos that you would help you understand why creating this bond with your customers is important and why it would create a strong bond between the brand and its customers.


As you can see being a car manufacturer how they managed to touch the pain points of the customer. This campaign would have improved the overall morale and created such a strong bond between the brand and their customers.

Threadless addressed the pain points of the customer. Haven’t you always wanted a specific design pattern on your t-shirt/shirt? Well, threadless has come up with an innovative way of making sure that you get just that.

Here is an example from Threadless on how you can create your own design.


As you can see in a few simple steps your design is ready. You also have the option of choosing from a variety of designs.The option to get feedback from the community regarding your designs is also available.

Time for the key takeaways

  1. How to align your brand’s product/service to help with the customer pain point.
  2. How to ensure them that you hear them and that you are there to support them.
  3. How to give them that flexibility when buying your products/services.
  4. How do you support them when they interact with you online.
  5. How do you empower your customers when they use your product/service.